At Vesquad, we are really excited to announce that we have an amazing challenge in front of us. A challenge that will allow us to deliver upon our vision and actively support the venture builders of this world. This time we have one additional reason to be thrilled since we are asked to serve some of the most underrepresented founders in one of the most underserved markets of the world.

Through an international tender, Vesquad was awarded to lead the activities of designing and supporting the establishment of the first-ever VC in Libya.

This initiative is part of an EU-funded…

Back in my days, start-up incubators and accelerators were the rave within the entrepreneurship community. Schools and universities, private companies, and even research labs all ventured into incubators. Through several business plan competitions where ideas and plans were evaluated for novelty, feasibility, viability, and potential for profitability, project ideas become eligible for incubation, and training opportunities were provided to the participants in addition to some level of funding.

With one of the first programs that were provided by Metavallon, I had the opportunity to establish my startup, gain traction through unique pilot opportunities, and familiarize ourselves with external startup ecosystems…

If you have ever worked in a small company, especially a technology start-up, the chances are that you have rarely participated (voluntarily at least) in a discussion to define your product strategy. From my experience building technology ventures from scratch the last +21 years, this topic rarely makes it to the agenda at all. The main argument that is used most of the times is that product strategy is “just theory” and it has very little value (if any) in the real world... …

It was the 1st of September 1999, when along with my two brothers, we opened up the door of our first retail business in Athens, Greece, and since then, I was fortunate enough to have co-founded multiple ventures. As you can guess, that means that I had the pleasure to enjoy various successes and at the same time to experience significant losses and be in the eye of multiple hurricanes, in some cases everything happening the same day.

The first step in my carrier was to focus on offline retail and create a chain of sports stores by the name…

(201)8 learnings from the events I was invited to speak or attend this year

From Amsterdam and London to Las Vegas, this year I had the opportunity to be invited as a speaker or attend some of the biggest, most innovative conferences of 2018 and came back full of excitement and new concepts to share, propose and discuss.

Keeping up with the latest trends and ideas is of utmost importance for each professional. And what a better way of staying updated other than attending some of the coolest tech and innovation conferences in the world sharing ideas and skills, meeting…

Summary of my presentation at the #TNWConference 2018

Almost two weeks ago I was invited to run a session at the TNW Conference — a digital conference professing to bring together the best and the brightest, hosted in Amsterdam and attended by everyone who is doing or is interested in anything digital. As a second time visitor, first-time speaker, the experience was totally different. The conference offers great networking opportunities with a lot of interesting people; I even tried to make some new friends (spoiler alert: the friendship thing didn’t go that well).

Talking about ‘The future of retail. Trends…


Conversational commerce is here. So, if you are like me, you were initially inspired by Golden Krishna and his vision about no interfaces. Then you read the first and the second article by Chris Messina and start using the term conversational commerce. When Business Insider’s report about how messaging apps are bigger than social networks was published, you knew that something big was coming.

Antonis Argyros

Building viable companies (offline and online) using cool tech for the last 21 years.

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